Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Curling Your Hair with a Sock?!

There is a new curling method I found via Pinterest that produces BEAUTIFUL effortless curls with a.... sock?
I watched about 5 YouTube videos from twirling hair up and tying socks to wrapping it up in a doughnut shape. I decided I would try the "Cut the tip of the sock and make a doughnut shape" method. After taking a shower, putting in some mousse......I tied my pony tail right on top of my head. Rolled my hair into the doughnut sock and had a cute little bun going on. Left my cute little bun all night, woke up....noticed my hair was STILL the blow dryer out..........Tried to get the bun dry.............and my hair was not curly what so ever! Maybe a few awkward creases. 

Maybe my hair is too long. Maybe I didn't do it right........

I'm still dreaming of waking up with hair I don't have to fix :)