Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma's Growin Illegal Plants in her Backyard WHAT?!

I moved into my house two months ago.... I've had this squash-like plant/bush growing that I have had no idea what it was. I even went as far as uploading this picture to Facebook, tagging my grandma (yes, my grandparents are on Facebook!), so maybe she could identify it. We didn't know what it was...... Until......I saw some kids OVERDOSED from it on the news! Apparently, it is a "Jimson Weed" plant. Which was made illegal to grow since 2004........Whoopsy. Anyways, I called the police , they chopped it down and took it with them. I'm so glad it's been too hot to go outside with the kids and they haven't touched it!

The police officer said, "This is a good sized plant in great condition".......I had to laugh and say, "yeah, I've been keeping it watered!"

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